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Friday, August 04, 2006

Rumsfeld is an Idiot

That pretty much covers it.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Summer Distractions

I can't seem to find the time to come inside long enough each day to keep this blog interesting. That doesn't mean I'm not nauseated by all the things I see in the news every day, and once in a while I get pissed off enough to feel compelled to say something. Like today.

I can't pretend any longer that the right-wing wackos are just people with whom I have some political disagreements. These people are dangerous. It makes me think they've always been among us, but only now feel safe coming out with what they really think about things. The sheer extremity of right-wing rhetoric has become such that even the most fringe freakshows feel safe putting their two cents into the poltical debate. Calls for execution of political enemies has become as common among righties as calls for more margaritas among the rest of us.

Glenn Greenwald over at Unclaimed Territory has been cataloguing for months now the hypocrisies and lies of rightwing nutwagons, and lately they've become so incredible I get the feeling they're thinking they've reached a degree of safety from scrutiny from the MSM that they don't even try to rein themselves in any longer.

Jonah Goldberg's latest unintended irony reminds me of something Ann Coulter said a few years ago when she was addressing some far right xtian group. She warned them of the duplicity of "left wing liberals" who always talk about right wing Xtians as if they're an actual single membership that moves in lockstep. She asked the group if they knew of some form they'd all signed making them members of the Right Wing Xtian Club, and let them know the left Wing Liberals will always talk about Right Wing Xtians as if they're a single entity. This is evidently a really crafty manipulation that allows them to lump all the Right Wing Xtians into a single category and dismiss them all at once. Who is it that employs this devious tactic? The Left Wing Liberals--you know, that single group that can be lumped together and dismissed as a single entity.

My mind was agog for a minute as the Xtians stared at her and nodded their comprehension of this devious way of lumping a group together and labelling them to negate them. Those Left Wing Liberals have to be guarded against in all Their devices. With God on their side they will prevail over the Godless Heathen Devil Liberals who have enjoined them in a war for control of America.

I've learned since then that you can almost always figure out what righties are up to by listening to what they blame The Enemy of being up to. They have a way of tipping their hand every time with this hypocritical tell. That they are unaware of their own transparancy in this blatant hypocrisy, (and it seems to be part and parcel of the pathology that produces it in the first place) is indicative of a particular brand of self-delusion. Their own lack of self-awareness involves that most basic muman moral failing--believing that your own special place in the universe is acknowledged by all humans on the planet. It's a solopsitic illusion that most humans grow out of at around 4 years old, but I'm amazed at how common it is for adults to still carry this fundamental misperception. It's rampant among right-wing wackos and their leaders.

When they feel pain, it's obvious to everybody in the room that there's real pain in the room, and there's a fundamental difference between what goes on in the room when they feel pain, as opposed to what goes on when somebody else claims to feel pain.

Basically their thinking goes like this--"when I feel pain, everybody just knows that there's real pain in the room. When I pinch somebody else, they may sqwawk like they feel real pain, but it's self evident to everyone that when I get pinched, there's real pain in the room, and when they get pinched, there's only the sqwawking that accompanies actual pain, but there's no real pain in the room."

An astounding number of people live with this basic moral failing. It prevents them from ever perceiving that others are as real as they are. (The Golden Rule of alleged Xtians is not something those with this failing are ever able to truly accomplish.) To think others are actually feeling in the same way that they are is imposible for them, and they belive that this fundamental truth is shared by all others. This lack of awareness is why 3 year olds can't lie. They think everyone knows whtever they know. Experiments on children have shown that this solopsistic illusion usually passes by the time we are 4 or 5. But I've noticed that a very important element of this illusion remnains in many people throughout their lives. Not sure exactly why, but it's certainly true, and obviously it prevents them from ever treating others in the way they would like to be treated, let alone thinking others are able to perceive the inner machinations of the "real person" in the room.

It also prevents them from realizing that their own hypocrisy is peceived by others. People with this failing seem to think they can pull fast ones on all the other rubes in the room, and nobody will ever be able to see their crafty brilliance. This seems to be behind the almost univerasl capacity of righties to commit unintended irony.

I see this needs to be treated with quite a bit more depth to become clear, but hopefully some will see what I'm talking about here. If it's not clear, it's my fault for trying to whip this out before I run out of time to hit the river for a swim.

I plan to start writing more here about what I belive is happening in America today. I don't see enough discussion about the real struggle going on between those in power and the 99% of us just trying to live our lives in peace. This is the real struggle, and the right/left battle is a diversion created by those who own the corporate media to hide their real agenda. They've succeed beyond their wildest dreams, and the rubes in America have fallen for every screwball thrown by these assholes. That's why half the couintry spends all its time fighting the other half instead of fighting those few who really run the country for their own benefit.

This will involve discussing real issues outside the left/right diversion, and will involve indicting those in power for setting up an economy that allows them to benefit at the expense of the rest of us.

Many of those willing to take on the Bush Regime don't address real issues that keep those in power from screwing us all, and I think real liberal thought is almost completely absent from the discussion.

I'll try to take the time to be accurate and to fully address the issues, but it is summer and the river and mountains beckon. Then again, it's getting real bad out there, and after watching TV yesterday I see they've got a real stranglehold on the dialogue, so it might be time to come in from the cold. Real libearl though is what this country was built on, and it's time to bring it to the rescue.