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Monday, June 12, 2006

Been Gone For A Bit

I've been away for a couple weeks due to a death in the family. As soon as I get caught up I hope to resume my research into the Right Wing Media Cult. Hope to have some details of Rush Limbaugh's suspiscious beginnings, as he showed up immediately upon the dismantling of the Fairness Doctrine. The disfunction of the MSM is the most serious impediment to our taking America back from the corporate stranglehold on our lives and country, and overcoming that disfunction requires understanding the intricate complexities of our corrupt modern world. The blogosphere is the modern day equivalent of the pamphleteering of the founding era. Everybody should get involved. We have to have an alternative to the traditional MSM, and this is it.


Blogger DavidByron said...

Let's be generous and just say there seems a curious irony that you pick the first day that I cannot reply to mount a serious response to my criticism of American culture. It's almost as if you were waiting for the first chance to make your pitch when you were safe in knowing the opposition couldn't point out all the "lies" in it --- of which I easily counted two dozen incidently.

However to look at the main problem in your justification for US genocide and other "falling short" behaviours (as you euphemistically characterised them) you claim that having a jingoistic mythology that says Americans are perfect and the rest of the planet are evil half-men that need to be sorted out encourages Americans to be good.

Obviously that's a lie. The fact of American evil is not despite your mythology but because of it. Just as the nazis mythologised their perfect Aryanism and that led to a similar attitude to the rest of the world.

2nd biggest lie is probably that your declaration of independence and constitution have high ideals. Those ideals include (among others) the endorsement of slavery and a right to kill off the indians for their land. if you really wanted an example of some good documents you'd be better off looking to the UN and international law --- the very thing almost everyone at Glenn's site thumbs their nose at.

In fact it's amazing how Glenn now says laws should be broken if there's an argument by an unaccountable authority that America is somehow threatened. Glenn in fact makes the exact argument Bush does and when I pointed this out he deleted that post.

7:15 AM  
Blogger Smorgasboard said...

I literally just stumbled upon your blog. It is very intersting and what you have here is important. I copied your post about the Media Act and posted it to my blog ( ). I'd like to link your blog to mine if possible, but I don't know how to do that. I'm not much of a tech-head. But I do think in many ways we could be "sister" blogs.

Keep up the good work.

11:30 AM  

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