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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Coming Soon--The Cult That Runs the Show

I plan to put up a post about the Fairness Doctrine, and how it was dumped so the right-wingers could take over the media, which they have. All the BS about "liberal media," is an indication that they've succeeded. Would a liberal media point itelf out over and over in every medium? Only a conservative media has the power to create a myth like the one they've created about the "liberal media." You can read about it in the papers, see it on TV, or hear it on the radio. Especially the radio, where they've staked out the whole dial 24 hours a day.

I'll put up some links and tell the story of how they lobbied to take over the FCC and get rid of the FD, so they could put Rush Limbaugh on the air immediately. It's a tale of corruption and money. And we're seeing the fruits of it now. Turn on FOXNews and see the clowns dance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm familiar with this story, but I'd love to see it spelled out. I know they had Limbaugh all primed to go as soon as they got the Fairness Doctrine out of the way. I look forward to reading the details.

5:07 PM  
Blogger PhD9 said...

Ahh.. the intricacies of self reference. The liberal media has just uncovered a vast liberal media conspiracy to hide the liberal bias in the media. Details at 11:00.......

5:10 PM  

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