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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Beginning of the End of Right-wing Domination of Our Media

I'm convinced now more than ever that what has gone wrong with the American political scene is the Death of the Fairness Doctrine at the hands of Corporate America, and the consequent turning to shit of our discourse. I've decided to do a series here showing how it happened, and hopefully be able to explain it so that every single person who cares to know about it, can.

I'm busy most days with some math/physics work, but I'll try to dedicate enough time to researching this story to get at the real roots of What Went Wrong. I'll show the background reasons why they thought the FD was a good idea in the first place, then get into the shady world of FCC/corporate connections that allowed Rush Limbaugh to take to the airwaves almost immediately upon their putting the stake into the heart of the FD. Then we'll look at the shady guys who helped bring us the whole Clear Channel package of freakshow wingnuts, any one of whom would have been laughed off the stage of American politics any time before 1987, and see if we can't uncover some of their connections with FOX.

I am hoping this will take some turns into the underbelly of our scene, and I might even venture into the Christian crossover media that now works hand in hand with not only right-wing political media, but congress, and even the Whitehouse.

God its a pathetic pile o crap, but its the pile o crap we're stuck with. For now.


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